Introduction to Flight Training for Drones

One day
Various UK locations
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About our Introduction to Flight Training

Are you new to the industry, thinking about starting a new drone business, looking to fly recreationally but want to put safety first or, are you just looking to further develop your skills and experience?

Our Introduction to Flight Training course is a one day course specifically aimed at providing you the necessary core skills to operate a drone safely and legally.

Run by our highly experienced and qualified team of remote pilots, this course covers the basic yet essential knowledge of your drone system.

Each element of the one day course has been carefully designed to ensure that knowledge is built upon and developed, providing you with the confidence to operate your platform in a safe and legal manner.

Topics covered include:

  • Aircraft overview
  • Aircraft setup
  • Aircraft controls
  • Emergency procedures
  • Deployment procedures
  • Simple aircraft manoeuvres
  • Flight modes – explaining GPS and ATTI (Attitude)

This introduction to drone operation is suitable for both fixed wing and multi-rotor drone systems and is for UAVs weighing up to 20kgs.

If you have any questions then click here to fill in our contact form or get in touch on or +44 (0) 1633 835 123.

For bookings of two or more students, military personnel / veterans, or details of how we can tailor our training to suit your needs (date or location) then please contact RUAS sales on +44 (0) 1633 835 123.